High-Performance 'Total' Wi-Fi

Need ultra-fast Wi-Fi to match the high-speed fiber internet service for your business or home network? Need high-density Wi-Fi for your stadium, convention center, city venue, or municipality? We can install gigabit wireless systems that can eliminate dead spots and support up to 25,000 users per node, indoors and out. Unlike typical broadband wireless, no WiFi assist or WiFi extender needed. Call Ardendus Solutions.    Smart Cities / Smart Connected Communities: With our ultra-fast WiFi network solution collecting data from Internet of Things (IoT), your city or municipality can gather valuable insights to better inform and improve many of your decisions. With IoT sensors, machines or embedded systems connected throughout your city, as well as video monitoring data, you’ll know what to do to make your communities safe, economically viable and more efficient.        Get the best WiFi. Call Ardendus Solutions.    

We specialize in Ruckus Wireless components . . . "Simply Better Wireless".

Designing and implementing wireless networks is our passion. We provide 'total' Wi-Fi solutions - expert configuration, site survey, installation of all network components required, and ongoing support services are available to ensure non-stop operation of wireless infrastructure. Whether it's Wi-Fi for public use or enterprise-grade solutions, we've got your Wi-Fi covered.

Custom Website Development

Need a Google map on your website for customers to find your business? Want to accept donations on the web for your church or non-profit? How about an e-commerce site with an online shopping cart and credit card payments?    Websites come in all shapes and sizes, from single landing pages for a personal resume to large sites for commercial enterprises. We create attractive sites using standard development templates that get your site up and running quickly, provide ease of support, and incorporate proven security for your data and systems.

Why do you need a professional website?

  • It's your online brochure and it provides instant credibility. Your target market can find out about you and your products or services online. Even if you get most of your traffic through networking or personal connections, they will want to check out your website.
  • To develop more contacts. Over 2.4 billion people use the internet every day, and some 90% of those have purchased something or contacted a company online in the last 12 months.
  • You're accessible around the clock. Your website is accessible 24/7/365, making it one of the most convenient ways to connect with your target market or sell products/services.

However " . . . if you build it, they will come . . ." will not be realized unless people can find your website. We have the expertise to get your website noticed and bring your market to your doorstep.

Cyber Security

We provide a comprehensive suite of cyber security services including:      Threat assessments of computers and IT networks using U.S. and international standard frameworks to uncover vulnerabilities to hackers, viruses, and other threats.      Business continuity assessments of IT infrastructure – critical data storage, backups, encryption – to help prevent the loss of critical data and systems.      Threat training to help spot ‘phishing’ and ‘whaling’ attempts, which have become some of the more successful avenues to trick people into providing system passwords and even transferring funds to unscrupulousactors.      Continuous security monitoring for the highest level of security. We can provide proactive, continuous monitoring of your network to detect intrusions and threats to your computer systems anddata.      We offer network “security appliances” including: Intrusion Detection System / Intrusion Prevention System (IDS / IPS) – using open-source Snort, Bro; Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) – using OSSIM, Splunk.

No organization, regardless of size, is safe from a data security breach. It can happen to any organization at any time. Last year:

  • over 169 million personal data records were exposed
  • data security incidents rose by 38% over the previous year
  • over 52% of those surveyed believe their company will be victimized by a successful cyber attack within the next year
  • up to 60% of small and medium sized businesses went out of business within 6-months after a data breach
  • attackers successfully remained in networks an average of 200 days before detection
  • over 80% of data security breach victims learn of the compromise from a third-party, not from their internal security teams

What’s in your network?